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Time to say Good Bye.

Owing to the demise of the Palm Operating system, Captain's Keeper is winding down.
As a small organisation we do not have the resources to migrate Captain's Keeper to alternative platforms. We have withdrawn the product from sale. However we will continue to support our loyal customers. That’s the bad news.

A Worthy replacement



The good news is that we’ve arranged for a smooth and easy transition to a replacement Product. Safelog an electronic logbook product by Dauntless Aviation. We’ve looked at Safelog and think it’s an excellent product and the Dauntless team have made a very generous offer for Captain's Keeper users. 

Safelog is available in two basic “core” products – Safelog for PC, which runs on your Windows-based personal computer, and SafelogWeb.com, a website-based logbook suitable for Mac users and others who prefer not to deal with installing software.  Some pilots get just the PC version.  Some, just the web.  Others get both, since the two seamlessly integrate and synchronize with each other. It is possible to purchase add-on pieces for Safelog, such as for iPhone / iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Palm via the Safelog website. In this way all major platforms are covered. The team at Safelog have developed ways to get your Captain's Keeper logbook data into Safelog without you having to re-enter it. This process is fast and easy.

We’ve negotiated a special offer for registered Captain's Keeper users to make the transition as painless as possible if you chose to go down this path. The special deal for Captain's Keeper users is as follows: -          


  • If you purchase a copy of Safelog for PC (either the CAA/JAA/Canada/Australia version or the FAA version), Dauntless will either give you a FREE simultaneous subscription to SafelogWeb [CK OPTION A] or double the length of your initial license to 6 years [CK OPTION B] (each around a  $70 value)

  • If you purchase a SafelogWeb subscription, Dauntless will extend your initial SafelogWeb.com subscription from 3 years to 6 [CK OPTION C].  Again this is about a $60 value.

  • If you purchase a SafelogPC + SafelogWeb subscription, Dauntless will double your initial license / subscription period from 3 years to 6 [CK OPTION D].  This is about a $120 value.


Additionally, the Safelog team will help you get your key Captain’s Keeper logbook data into Safelog for FREE.  This will save you a lot of time and effort and get you going with a minimum of fuss. We recommned you to take advantage of it. Here’s how to begin:

To learn more about Safelog, please see:-


 www.dauntless-soft.com/products/Safelog - this is the start page where you can download and purchase Safelog.  Free demos are available here.

 www.SafelogWeb.com  - this is the online pilot logbook system.  You can try a free demo here too

 www.SafelogWeb.com/Transition - here you can learn about the Transition service where Dauntless will help you convert your Captain's Keeper logbook into Safelog.  Basically, you’ll need to upload Captain's Keeper the 12 *.ADT files from your [C:\Program Files\CKW4\Data] folder to them and they’ll do the bulk of the conversion work for you. 

The way to get the offer is as follows:

AFTER you have placed your order with Dauntless, write them a note via their helpdesk at www.dauntless-soft.com/helpdesk stating that you are a former Captain's Keeper user.  Indicate which CK option (A, B, C, or D) you’d like free, and Dauntless will apply this to your account.

 If you have questions about this, please contact Dauntless directly via their helpdesk

Please note that this special offer is open only to legitimate Captain’s Keeper users who purchase Safelog after Dec 7, 2011 (This will be crosschecked against Captain's Keeper user lists if there is significant doubt).  Again, you must contact the Safelog team after you purchase Safelog for the special bonus to be applied.

Again, we strongly encourage all Captain’s Keeper users to give Safelog a try!  Like us, the people at Dauntless stand behind their products and care about their users.

As you might expect we are sad that we have to wind things down with Captains Keeper. However we do believe we have come up with a workable solution that will allow our loyal customers to migrate to an alternative program at a concessional rate.

The Nimblefeet Team.



For those of you looking to move to logbooks other than Safelog, remember that Captain's Keeper for Windows allows you to export your logbook to a CSV file. Many modern electronic logbooks will allow you to import this. To export to CSV open your logbook in Captain's Keeper for Windows and select File>Export. On the Data Export dialog that opens, press the Export button. Now go to your C:\Program Files\CKW4 or C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\CKW4 folder and you will see a file called "FLight.Dat". Rename this file "FLight.csv" and it will open in Excel.

You can contact us via email at support@nimblefeet.com

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